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As organizations around the world begin to bring their people back into the workplace, vaccination management has quickly risen to the top of the agenda, with the ability to plan, process, record and report on vaccine data informing what course daily operations will take in a vastly different business landscape.


Take the pain out of vaccination management

Our Vaccine Management application, built with Workday Extend, allows Workday users to easily record their vaccination status, so organizations can have confidence that staff are protected, quickly changing national or global regulations are adhered to, and that business-as-usual proceeds without disruption.

See how the Kainos Vaccine Management app works

A seamless user experience

Built to look and feel exactly like Workday’s native functionality, our Vaccine Management application provides a simple, friendly means of vaccination data self-service.

Self-update status
The app offers a simple mechanism for workers to record and update their vaccine status, vaccine type, and date(s) of administration.

Provide evidence
Workers can directly upload an image of their vaccination record to provide evidence of their vaccinations.


Designed with the future in mind

A quickly changing global situation calls for technology that can adapt with ease—have confidence that your organization is always up to date with new features or mandatory requirements.

Uniquely configurable
Organizations can configure the application to meet their unique needs, defining vaccination types and their required doses for each location.

Evolving functionality
Kainos will keep the Vaccine Manager application up-to-date with new features like boosters or reminders to align with shifting global best practice.


Secure and plan with confidence

Nothing is more sensitive than the personal, medical data of staff. Our Vaccine Management app offers a safe environment for storing and reporting on the critical vaccine information of employees.

Robust controls
The application stores vaccination data in Workday, allowing you to configure data security in compliance with organizational policy and the local or regional regulatory environment.

Simple reporting
Organizations can rely on flexible vaccination status reporting by location, region, workspace, type and more, so that data is accessible to those with appropriate permissions for strategic planning purposes.

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