DragonSlumber: a spectacle from Kainos and PJ Holden
23 February 19
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: W5

Face dragons, giants, fairies and volcanoes in a virtual world, bigger than any you’ve experienced! From the mind of legendary comic artist PJ Holden, made reality by tech giant Kainos, be one of the first to explore DragonSlumber Tower through the power of immersive tech!

This event is part of this year's Northern Ireland Science Festival. Find the full programme here.

Intrepid adventurers guide fairy Lottie back to her home in Fairy Nook. On your way, you’ll encounter giants, meteors, volcanoes – don’t wake the sleeping dragon!

PJ Holden is celebrated for Judge Dredd 2000AD, and is a HUGE tech nerd. Kainos is proud to have collaborated with him on something fun and innovative, to inspire and excite the next generation of digital talent. Come along and get a taste of what happens when STEM meets art!

Join this event free of charge and celebrate Northern Ireland Science Festival with us! The experience is open to Key Stage 2 and up - please register for a slot to avoid disappointment!

Quiet time tickets are available between 4pm-5pm - At quiet time sessions, the exhibition area will be better lit, background music is muted and sound effect volumes lower.

Please note:

  • You must bring a parent or guardian with you.
  • If your child is Key Stage 3 or under, you may be required to carry equipment for them.
  • Each person who wants to take part in the event must have 1 ticket each to do so.
Register for tickets here - quick!