D&I annual report 2022-23

Our D&I annual report details why diversity and inclusion matters, progress to date, areas of focus and our D&I data.

D&I annual report 2022-23

Central to our strategy is a commitment to driving an inclusive culture that champions and celebrates the differences and similarities of everyone at Kainos. 

Our long-term D&I approach helps us achieve this commitment; creating an environment of fairness and equity where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow, be recognised, and be rewarded for their valuable contribution.

We have accomplished a lot in the last 12 months, and we're excited to continue our journey. But we still have more to do.

In our annual report, we provide you with an update of our diversity and inclusion journey to date.

Why D&I matters

At Kainos, we celebrate diversity and are committed to fostering a working environment which allows everyone to be themselves and achieve their full potential. 

The case for creating a diverse and inclusive culture is underpinned by research and aligns to the Kainos strategic principles:

Be a great employer

By having more culturally diverse leadership and teams, we are more likely to have increased staff wellbeing and higher rates of staff engagement and retention.

Delight our customers

With a more diverse work environment, we are able to develop more new products than those with homogenous teams, as well as being able to quickly introduce and bring new innovations into market.

Be a growing, profitable and responsible company

With a more diverse and inclusive culture, we can become more agile and adopt better to change in volatile environments, whilst meeting or exceeding global equality standards and laws. We can also achieve growth ambitions with higher return on equity, and become more profitable as a result.


Key pillars

Our focus in D&I is underpinned by three primary pillars:

1. Leadership
Ensuring accountability and inclusive leadership.

2. People
Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining a diverse pool of talent.

3. Culture
Open, inclusive and high performing talent - globally.

Our progress to date

D&I strategy
D&I plan was refined to better align with evolving needs of the business, with key activities and metrics established for 2023-24.
D&I data
Data disclosure grew from 66% to 70%, with enhanced reporting providing a more detailed dashboard.
Attracting diversity
We have increased representation of females in Kainos, with the percentage of female hires rising from 25% to 35% between 2020-21 and 2022-23.
ENG activity
4 passionate Employee Network Groups, with total membership approaching nearly 1,500 employees in 2022-23.
Engaged 1,800+ young people through virtual academies/events, established partnerships with Now Group, University of Ulster, Leonard Cheshire, and introduced new bursary programme in Gdansk.
Cohorts completed 'Inclusive Leadership' and 'Empowering Leaders' programs. 2,500+ colleagues completed 'Unconscious Bias' eLearning, further embedded by our D&I webinar series.
New policies for Menopause and Reasonable Adjustments. Workday functionality for name pronunciation. Enhancements made to annual salary review process.
Representatives from every business unit joined our Global D&I council during 2022-23 (the group responsible for delivering D&I strategy and initiatives).

Areas of focus

Looking ahead, our primary focus will centre around the following activities within our three key pillars:


  • Delivery of Inclusive Leadership program to all leaders in Kainos globally.


  • Review our talent acquisition processes for inclusivity.
  • Assess each of the measures to drive gender diversity individually and implement initiatives to drive progress.
  • In conjunction with the global benefits review, paid family leave is being examined. Phase 1 is complete with enhanced paid family leave policies in the UK, USA & Canada regions now implemented.


  • A strong emphasis and dedicated commitment to enhancing our diversity data. Our goal is to attain an 80% completion rate in 2023-24.
  • Use Peakon (our employee listening tool) to identify trends, strengths, and areas for development in diversity and inclusion at Kainos. Sustain or enhance our 84% score for D&I.

D&I data

Our D&I dashboard (VIBE) allows us to see the diversity of our global workforce. It helps to:

  • understand, monitor and improve D&I in Kainos
  • drive diversity efforts in hiring, promotion and retention
  • make better D&I decisions
  • track progress against our UN Sustainability Goals.

This year, we used gender and ethnicity data to support an extensive analysis on pay equity, resulting in initiatives in the areas of annual salary review, critical market adjustments and promotion awards.

Our VIBE data disclosure grew from 66% to 70% this year. Despite this progress, there remains a notable percentage of 'incomplete' data fields that we are actively addressing.

A snapshot of our progress is measured in the tables below:

Gender identity

Gender identity %
Men 43.6%
Non-binary 0.2%
Women 25.4%
Transgender men 0.0%
Transgender women 0.1%
Gender identity not listed 0.04%
Prefer not to disclose 1.7%
Incomplete 29.0%


Ethnicity %
Asian or Pacific Islander 0.1%
Asian/Bangladeshi/Indian/Pakistani/Other 8.2%
Black/African/Caribbean/Other 2.9%
Chinese 0.8%
Hispanic/Latino 0.8%
Ethnicity not listed 1.3%
Hispanic/Latino 0.3%
Indigenous peoples 0.7%
Two or more ethnicities 1.5%
White European/American/Other 68.6%
Ethnicity not listed 1.4%
Prefer not to disclose 1.2%
Incomplete 13.9%


Religion %
Buddhist 0.04%
Christian 12%
Hindu 3%
Islam 2%
Juddaism 0.3%
No religion or belief/atheist 17%
Prefer not to disclose 6%
Protestant 12%
Religion not listed 7%
Roman Catholic 17%
Sikh 1%
Incomplete 23%


Disability %
Hearing 0.4%
I do not have a disability 11.7%
Long-term medical, mental, or neurodivergent condition 1.9%
Learning 0.6%
Sight 0.1%
Use of arms or hands 0.04%
Use of legs 0.1%
Disability type not listed 0.8%
Prefer not to disclose 0.5%
Incomplete 83.9%