In December Kainos hosted a Code for Cardboard Hackathon. The goal was to get people working together and get their creativity flowing. The event was a great success and some amazing applications were developed as a result.

Many people attending the workshop didn’t know very much about creating VR applications and were mainly there to pick up this new skill, and so our own VR enthusiast Neil Thom put together some comprehensive yet easy to follow documentation, to enable participants to set up a VR environment and start creating. To read more about the Hackathon you can read the Code for Cardboard Hackathon post by our own Lizzy Atkinson.

The material available to download here starts with the very basics of 3D/VR development, and contains samples of code and easy to follow instructions. The Google Cardboard is very cheap to buy, and paired with the material provided here nearly anyone can start developing Virtual Reality applications easily and cheaply.

So why not give it a try yourself? We would love to hear of all your amazing ideas and see what you create!