Unlock hidden insights by connecting, storing, and analysing connected device data with IoT

We help you collect and interpret data streams from Internet of Things (IOT) devices, build cloud data platforms and real world solutions that drive connected data insights, enabling greater efficiency, engagement and sustainability.

Transforming how IoT benefits organisations across government, healthcare and private sectors

Kainos has proven expertise in delivering real-world IoT solutions that integrate edge device data with business applications for deeper insights that drive new operational benefits.

Our data engineering and machine learning experts bring end-to-end IoT solutions to life within robust, scalable, secure and intelligent cloud data platforms incorporating device provisioning and management.

  • Smart cities: Collecting new data to drive new services and city analytics, for example, to support new City Data Platforms that improve the lives of its citizens. These can be used by cities for more intelligent lightingtraffic management and reducing vehicle emissions.
  • Smart hospitals: Leveraging hidden data sources across connected medical devices and patient monitoring equipment to improve patient care outcomes.
  • Smart factory: Building Digital Twins to access data from connected sensors and equipment that drives manufacturing efficiency through predictive machine maintenance.

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Flexible cloud-based data insight platforms and IoT solutions

Beginning with low-cost prototypes, we help you scale successful IoT projects cross-enterprise through the cloud.

As members of the Microsoft IoT Partner Programme, Kainos are experienced in creating IoT solutions in the cloud that can process and derive insight from high volume data pipelines, including device message streams and increasing amounts of corporate sensor data. 

Secure-by-design to keep you in control

  • We apply a secure-by-design approach to ensure you remain in control of all connected data leveraged by our IoT solutions
  • Applying stringent data governance and privacy controls, helping safeguard citizen, patient and user data 
  • Full access controls to build confidence that data is only received by intended parties under strict circumstances, ensuring full transparency 
  • Securely deploy software to devices and gateways, to ensure data processed at the edge is secured and transmitted to the platform 

“Privacy and trust should be central to any smart city project and cities should retain full control of their data. We are committed to enabling cities to protect potentially sensitive citizen data and ensure transparency around how data is used. It was imperative that we partnered with a provider that understood this requirement, had expertise in building secure cloud-based data insight platforms and IoT solutions, and the digital capabilities to build a flexible platform to meet our needs.”

Jon Lewis
VP Urban Data

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Looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our People

Peter Campbell
Data & AI Director ·
With over 22 years' experience working in Kainos, Peter is an expert in digital and data transformation. Peter drives the adoption of production AI/ML services for our customers to solve challenges not possible before.
Andy Burnage
Head of Data Engineering ·
An experienced data leader, Andy has over 20 years of experience in defining and delivering information solutions in complex environments. Andy helps companies define data strategies, leading them through to implementation with innovative solutions in data warehousing, data quality, master data, and business intelligence.
Eimear Rooney
Head of Data & AI Delivery ·
Eimear has been driving digital transformation through AI over the past 3 years within Kainos. Eimear is passionate about unlocking the benefits of AI/ML to improve business and wider society. Core to her role is building a sustainable and resilient team to meet the rapidly evolving AI landscape. As a senior female leader, she is also committed to encouraging diversity and growing opportunities for inclusiveness in the AI space.
Gary Hunter
Business Development Director, Data & AI ·
For more than 25 years Gary has worked delivering technology-based solutions to business problems. He is a Chartered Management Institute certified Professional Consultant and Business Analyst who was reborn in the cloud 6 years ago and has subsequently worked on more than 35 cloud big data and ML transformation projects.