Transform your data assets into intelligent insights and drive real business value with Artificial Intelligence

Together with our data science and machine learning (ML) engineering experts, you can accelerate the data maturity of your organisation, leveraging machine learning to drive business transformation.

Leveraging ML to extract better value from your data and reduce operational costs

Kainos has the technical expertise to power your transformation into a data-driven organisation. Our data scientists operate in multidisciplinary teams, applying their knowledge across machine learning engineering, technical architecture, and data engineering in the cloud, to help you accelerate the business value you generate from machine learning projects. 

  • Qualified in STEM subjects and with globally ML and data science certifications
  • Deep expertise and best practice knowledge of leveraging open-source ML frameworks and leading cloud AI services including AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP

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Gain new insights through AI across a range of proven business use cases

We leverage a broad range of AI-driven techniques to solve your complex operational challenges, including machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge mining, paired with traditional data analytics approaches; predictive analytics, data aggregation, and real-time business intelligence dashboards.  

  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)  Move data science projects from experiment to production quickly and confidently with MLOps infrastructure. 
  • Data Science Acceleration - Build your data science capability to scale adoption of machine learning in the cloud across your business. 
  • Demand Forecasting - Optimise demand planning with intelligent insights on customer demand for more effective operations. 
  • Document Insights - Reduce time spent on manual document review and tackle document challenges at scale through automation. 
  • Fraud Detection - Enhance the efficiency of your counter-fraud operations through intelligent anomaly detection at scale. 
  • Intelligent Risk Rating - Optimise operational decision-making through intelligent and up-to-date scoring of risks over time.
  • Digital AssistanCreate highly engaging customer experiences that reduce wait times and increase operational efficiencies. 
  • Predictive Maintenance Benefit from cost savings associated with higher predictability of faults and increased availability of systems.

Accelerate time-to-value with our operationalised AI approach 

Our operationalised AI methodology ensures you realise value from your AI projects early and often. With our pre-built machine learning models, we implement production-ready AI solutions leveraging the latest cloud services and open-source AI tools, to make sure you see tangible results, fast.  

A history of delivering AI projects with global impact  

Kainos has delivered AI solutions to hundreds of global customers. From pioneering an award-winning risk rating tool to identifying fraud for UK Government departments, to reducing the administrative burden of clinical care for a hospital serving more than half a million patients, to improving the transparency of investment risk reporting in regulated financial markets. 


“We approached Kainos with the idea of using AI to automatically extract the information we needed from KIIDs. Kainos’ AI team had fantastic experience with document analysis and NLP and they delivered the project perfectly!”

Darren Burrows
Founder and CEO

“As part of our ongoing strategic aims to become the world leading digital land register, the automated document comparison project has been a successful first step in our journey towards embracing artificial intelligence to improve our service and enhance how our employees work.”

HM Land Registry

See how we can help your business

Looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our People

Peter Campbell
Data & AI Director ·
With over 22 years' of experience working in Kainos, Peter is an expert in digital and data transformation. Peter drives the adoption of production AI/ML services for our customers to solve challenges not possible before.
Ruth McGuinness
Data & AI Practice Lead ·
Ruth leads Data & Artificial Intelligence sales for Kainos. Ruth has a diverse background in start-up, scale-up and Big 4 technology; with significant experience of guiding technical teams to deliver data-led transformational change for customers across public and private sectors.
Gary Hunter
Business Development Director, Commercial ·
For more than 25 years Gary has worked delivering technology based solutions to business problems. He is a Chartered Management Institute certified Professional Consultant and Business Analyst who was reborn in the cloud 6 years ago and has subsequently worked on more than 35 cloud big data and ML transformation projects.