Manage your data as an asset

To make better use of your data, we will help you catalogue, stream, migrate and manage your enterprise data infrastructure. This will support your data transformation on the cloud and help unlock your data as a more valuable asset to your organisation.

Create platforms to manage your data

Legacy data stores are limiting organisations ability to maximise their data assets. Next-generation cloud data platforms are allowing faster processing, easier access and more scalable analytics. Kainos’ data architects and data engineers are expert in cloud data platforms and will collaborate with your team to advise and create next generation cloud data platforms.
  • Migrate from expensive on-premise to public cloud
  • Stream in real-time and batch process large datasets 
  • Create new data lakes for next generation analytics  
  • Catalogue your data assets across your enterprise
  • Democratise access and simplify sharing  
  • Deliver data for advanced analytics and data science

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Be a leader in data privacy, data security and data trust

Collecting, processing and deriving insight from complex datasets as an asset increase the demands to manage data better. Managing complex datasets requires solutions to deal with compliance, data security and increase data trust for users. Kainos has a depth of experience:
  • Applying agile delivery to data platforms
  • Connecting data platforms with users
  • Applying domain-driven data product design thinking 
  • Securing large official sensitive datasets in the cloud
  • Applying ethical frameworks to the collection and processing of personal data
  • Exploratory data analysis and cloud data governance

"I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate and thank the team for helping us to achieve our first major delivery milestone. We have gone from a sketch in a coffee shop, to a working state of the art system , with great scale and future capability. We have already noticed the change in dynamic and business engagement."

Adrian Daniel
Head of Data Platforms

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Looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our People

Peter Campbell
Data & AI Director ·
With over 22 years' experience working in Kainos, Peter is an expert in digital and data transformation. Peter drives the adoption of production AI/ML services for our customers to solve challenges not possible before.
Andy Burnage
Head of Data Engineering ·
An experienced data leader, Andy has over 20 years’ experience in defining and delivering information solutions in complex environments. Andy helps companies define data strategies, leading them through to implementation with innovative solutions in data warehousing, data quality, master data, and business intelligence.
Chris Stanley
Data Principal ·
A highly motivated, commercially focused data management & analytics professional, Chris has over 25 years’ experience of the design, development and enablement of business-driven, enterprise-wide data strategies, architectures and associated solutions.
Lee Johnston
Data Business Development Consultant ·
With a passion for helping customers solve their most complex problems, Lee has over 7 years of experience delivering digital transformation projects. Lee supports customers to take advantage of their data and works with them to unlock business value.
Gary Hunter
Business Development Director, Commercial ·
For more than 25 years Gary has worked delivering technology based solutions to business problems. He is a Chartered Management Institute certified Professional Consultant and Business Analyst who was reborn in the cloud 6 years ago and has subsequently worked on more than 35 cloud big data and ML transformation projects.