Generate ideas that deliver business and user value

Innovation is a crucial factor for growth. At Kainos, we help you drive innovation in a creative, controlled, sustained and commercially focused manner.

Overcome barriers to innovation

Innovation is critical for business growth, yet many organisations fail to develop and implement new ideas when designing new services. Cost, a risk-averse culture or simply a lack of good proposals can stop you from exploring new opportunities. We take the risk out of investing in innovation so you can successfully react to change and stay competitive.

Our idea incubator framework

Our experts follow a proven methodology to empower your team to generate ideas that you can explore quickly at minimal risk:

  • Immerse: We help you look for opportunities to innovate. What challenges are you and your organisation facing? What are the industry trends?
  • Explore: We help you understand your customers’ needs and explore the market to define the business model and build a hypothesis
  • Incubate: We work with you to build prototypes for testing with end-users. We can then either validate or invalidate the hypothesis
  • Decide: We look at the results and decide whether to launch, iterate or explore different ideas

Build innovation into your strategy

Everyone in your organisation needs to understand why innovation is important. Buy-in from senior stakeholders is crucial. We help you build a business case and provide a mission for people to believe in. We ensure your innovation efforts are fully aligned with the business strategy.

Create a culture change

Creating ideas requires a mindset shift. Through vision workshops, we can support you in building an environment that fosters openness, innovation and diverse thinking. We help your people to think big and make innovation part of everyone’s role.

Our experts are helping clients in all sectors put innovation at the heart of their business strategy. We can work with you to empower your employees to take risks, embrace change and generate ideas that drive your business forward.

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