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Intelligent automation is the key to unlocking cost savings and improving customer services. We can help you find opportunities in all areas of your organisation to radically improve how you operate.

Apply automation to deliver savings, efficiencies and service improvements

From back-office functions to frontline customer service, automation has the power to transform. Our team analyses your operations to identify where automation can streamline workflows and enhance experiences.

We help global corporate and public sector organisations realise the benefits of automation. From retail, banking and insurance to government departments and healthcare providers, our experts design creative solutions that enable our clients to excel in today’s digital economy.

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Transform and streamline back office functions

A lot of employee time is spent time on mundane, manual tasks that could be automated. From Finance to Human Resources, we help clients use automation to transform data processing, including:

  • Intelligent invoicing - AI extracts data from scanned documents and enters it into existing accounting system
  • Payroll processing - Automated data extraction validates details in documents
  • Human interaction if required - If checks by humans are necessary, we build that into the system

Improve the customer and user experience  

Customer acquisition involves large amounts of paperwork and data processing. We help you see where automation can speed up your onboarding workflow:  

  • Data approval - Automate your client approval process to bring you to market faster and improve the experience 
  • Application processing - Capture and validate data such as loan and mortgage applications to speed up the decision process for customers 
  • Eliminate human error - Improve accuracy and security in how you handle customer data

Enhance citizen and patient care  

We help government departments and healthcare services move from paper to digital to improve services for millions of citizens:  

  • Sensitive data sharing - Ensure secure transfer of data between institutions such as hospitals and specialist care facilities  
  • Document comparison - Combine ML and AI to compare complex documentation, such as contracts and property deeds 
  • Data entry - Automate patient data entry in order to release staff for higher value activities 

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Looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our People

Nathan Cairns
Head of Intelligent Automation ·
With over 10 years of experience in the digital and tech industry, Nathan leads the Intelligent Automations team to deliver industry-leading automated solutions for our customers.