Ensure equal access, experiences and outcomes for all users

Creating accessible services is a public sector priority and essential to whole population engagement. Our specialist inclusive design practice helps you design digital services that work for everyone.

Identify excluded groups

Potential customers can find themselves excluded from digital services due to unconscious bias in the design. Making your services accessible not only increases uptake among users with different abilities and diverse characteristics, it improves experiences for everyone.

Kainos is leading the way in inclusive digital service design. We work with you to create innovative solutions that offer fair opportunities across all demographics.

Our experts will:

  • Analyse your service success rates, channel take-up and user demographics
  • Identify who is not engaging with your service
  • Conduct research to understand the user experience and why some are excluded

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Unblock barriers

Once we understand why certain users are not accessing your service, we:

  • Review the service journey for excluded and partially excluded groups
  • Locate all points where users are unable to access the service, or unable to gain a successful outcome
  • Uncover any unconscious bias in your service delivery
  • Identify and prioritise areas for improvement

Audit for legal compliance

Many of our clients must comply with accessibility standards. We conduct accessibility audits to ensure there are no outstanding issues and help you publish an accessibility statement. If there are accessibility issues to fix, we can:

  • Produce a blueprint for a fully inclusive service
  • Develop a prototype and test it with excluded users
  • Apply inclusive insights to refine the service approach
  • Implement a backlog of accessibility improvements

Set a clear vision

Our experts think long-term. We can help you develop a project roadmap to maximise inclusion opportunities. We can also support you in creating business change to address unconscious bias in how you deliver your service and enable your staff to understand and take responsibility for inclusion objectives.

At Kainos, we work with national service providers to create groundbreaking inclusive solutions, such as the NHS App and digitalised MOT services. Our award-winning designs ensure more users have access to vital services and result in better outcomes. Our experts are committed to equal opportunities and making your services easier to use for everyone.

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