Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Kainos has an Environmental Program in place that has been designed to help us reduce our environmental impact and to promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations. Our Environmental Program and Policy is aligned with BS8555/ ISO14005. The policy underscores Kainos’ dedication to reducing its ecological footprint while promoting sustainable practices across its operations.

Through our climate action programme, we aim to understand, manage, and reduce any harmful environmental impacts from our business activities and from our delivery of digital solutions; helping our customers and partners to reduce their own environmental impact. Our aim is to be a net zero company by 2025-26.

To do this, we have established the following environmental policy to guide our actions:

  • Engaging our people: We will raise awareness across our global teams about environmental issues and provide them with guidance to actively participate in Kainos’ climate action initiatives and to achieve their own low carbon futures. We will encourage our colleagues to share ideas and innovation to support our net zero goal.
  • Compliance: We will comply with the relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and any other requirements to which Kainos subscribes. We will strive to exceed these requirements whenever possible.
  • Continuous improvement: We will accurately capture our emissions data and regularly review and evaluate our environmental performance against our approved science-based targets, taking corrective action wherever possible. We will openly communicate our progress, strengths and challenges internally and externally to drive accountability and to inspire others.
  • Resource efficiency: We will actively promote the efficient use of natural resources and invest in practices and technologies that minimise waste to landfill and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficiency: We will adhere to our Green Energy Policy, prioritising zero emissions energy in our office locations and operations through the promotion of green energy sources. We will continually seek innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption.
  • Pollution prevention: We will use measures to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants to the environment, consistent with our carbon reduction and climate action plans. This includes the responsible management of electronic waste, proper disposal of materials and use of environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible.
  • Sustainable supply chain: We will work with our suppliers and partners to reduce Scope 3 emissions by encouraging sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. This includes promoting environmentally responsible sourcing and waste management, and engaging with suppliers who share our commitment to climate action.
  • Innovative solutions: We will invest in research and development to advance innovative digital solutions (Green Software initiative) and bring these to market. We will integrate sustainability into our products, services and business models to help our customers and partners to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Engaging communities: We will engage with the communities in which we operate to promote environmental protection and sustainability. We will support local environmental initiatives and contribute to education at local level.
  • Collaboration: We will actively collaborate with customers, governments and other stakeholders to identify and address environmental opportunities and challenges, amplify our impact, and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

This Environmental Policy outlines Kainos’ responsibilities to the environment; helping us to achieve our key commitment - near-time, science-based net zero target in 2025-26. This policy is aligned with BS8555/ ISO14005 and will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate. It applies to all our operations and the employees and contractors who work in them.

Russell Sloan
Chief Executive
September 2023