Amazon Web Services

Encompassing the latest AWS technologies, Kainos delivers solutions spanning digital transformation, cloud engineering, data & AI and SaaS enablement.

Best-in-class AWS partner

Kainos and AWS have been partners for over 14 years, building and deploying large scale complex software services for government, healthcare and commercial organisations. With a user-centred outcome-based approach, our solutions are secure, accessible and cost-effective, making the most of AWS in terms of innovation, efficiency and scalability.

Strategic relationship

We are one of AWS’ first consulting partners in Europe with 500+ AWS certified engineers. Our customers rely on our experience, expertise, and culture to help them strategise, migrate, modernise, and manage their transformations on AWS. With multiple AWS competencies attained, we have access to a selection of AWS programs that enable us to continuously invest in our people, customers and technology solutions that benefit our global client base.

We recently achieved the AWS Government Competency with specialisations in:

  • Open Data (1 of only 3 partners globally)
  • Citizen Facing Services (1 of 62 globally, 5 in the UK)

By working in close partnership with AWS, we receive practice support and guidance from AWS' architects and technical account teams, throughout the lifecycle of our customers’ projects – getting access to the right people at the right time.

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Flagship areas of expertise

Kainos' consulting, technical and delivery expertise combined with the reliable and scalable AWS cloud infrastructure, platforms and apps, enables us to collaborate and provide compelling solutions to today’s most complex digital challenges. Kainos are proud to be recognised by AWS as a leading partner for delivering to the highest industry standards.

We use AWS technology to solve real problems for our customers and make people’s lives better, including:

  • Digital transformation of legacy systems, underpinned by AWS
  • All aspects of cloud engineering from migrations to modernisations and containerisation – encompassing the latest AWS technologies
  • Highly skilled Data & AI practice for end-to-end Machine Learning production, including our industry-leading offering in MLOps
  • SaaS enablement from organisation and technology change to application modernisation and migration to ongoing service delivery

Our expertise includes:

  • Premier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • Solution Provider Program
  • AWS Government Competency 
  • Migration Competency Partner
  • Machine Learning Competency
  • DevOps Competency 
  • SaaS Competency
  • Professional Services Ready Partner
  • Amazon Textract Catalyst Partner

Powered by AWS, Kainos creates award-winning solutions

"Working with partners defines the AWS business. As the needs of our customers have evolved and customer adoption of AWS continues at pace, so the need for innovative cloud service providers has increased. Kainos is a great example of this and is a leading AWS partner."

Wayne Phillips
Worldwide Public Sector Manager

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