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A new generation of financial planning


Forecasting and budgeting doesn’t have to be slow

The financial planning of a company is challenging in an ever-changing world, especially when you’re dealing with outdated planning tools. The process can be slow, tedious and often inaccurate. Forecasting growth and budgeting plans become siloed and out of sync with long-term business goals. For CFOs, this makes it difficult to gain a complete picture of the company’s finances.


Be ready for what comes next

Workday Adaptive Planning is used by thousands of businesses around the world because it unlocks their ability to model and forecast using accurate data at speed.

This means they’re always ready to capitalise on opportunities and respond to change. With it you can:

  • act on trusted data from across your business so you can model and plan accurately
  • easily carry out financial scenario planning, identify opportunities and problems, and rapidly develop strategies for future growth
  • adjust plans as change happens ensuring your organisation never falters
  • break down silos across your organisation and develop a culture of collaboration

Kick start your finance transformation in 5 easy steps

Finance leaders need to be pro-active, and ready to adapt to change. In this guide, we look at five key steps to kick start your digital finance transformation.

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Continuous innovation for your team

Alongside Workday Adaptive Planning, our team of financial experts understands your challenges and ambitions to transform your operations and free up much needed time so your finance team can scenario plan with confidence.


You’re in safe hands

We have finance and business qualified consultants at hand across Europe and North America, to provide a tailor-made methodology that enables your team to gain hands-on experience and grow confidence early on.

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Driving enterprise planning across the business

Most organisations cite people as their most valuable asset. And as such, HR should become a strategic partner to the business. Learn how Workday Adaptive Planning can help model, forecast and budget your workforce at speed.
Rapidly shifting markets and customer demands requires a sales strategy that can shift at speed and scale with ease. Workday Adaptive Planning helps clients plan and deploy sales resources to capitalise on any opportunity.

"With our exponential growth, forecasting for business became a monumental challenge. Yet, where others may have persevered, we realised that a smarter solution was necessary to connect our global strategy. To do just that, we needed a reliable, honest and trustworthy partner, experienced in taking the financial planning of a company to the next level. Kainos did just that and more."

Marcus Walters
Finance Director

"From a very high specification, the Kainos team put together a solution in very little time, which has transformed the efficiency of our forecasting and budgeting. What would have taken hours now takes minutes. There is no doubt in my mind that we put our faith in the right team. They were an absolute pleasure to work with."

Karen Bach

“I can’t emphasize enough how much Workday Adaptive Planning has really improved my personal experience for the budget build and modeling process. We’re benefiting from enhanced reporting, instantaneous consolidation, and detailed modeling... whilst taking a third of my workload off my plate.” 

Matt Cowen
FP&A Manager 
Snap Finance 

Our People

Tom Cvijanovic
Planning Product & Presales Lead ·
Tom & the presales team thrive on showing potential customers how their needs around enterprise-wide planning could be met with Workday Adaptive Planning, and working with them to shape a suitable project for delivery. With 13+ years’ industry experience, Tom brings considerable subject matter expertise in order support customers in their planning transformation journeys.
Gabrielle Giertz
Director, Professional Services ·
Gabrielle is a champion of team development and customer satisfaction with a vast knowledge of Workday Adaptive Planning, making her a key mentor during the implementation process. Gabrielle is a financial planning and analysis pro, holding a CPA and AICPA membership. She is a trusted financial advisor who has helped many individuals in planning to reach their financial goals.
Tracy Schreiber
Vice President, Professional Services ·
Tracy leads a team of consultants who help customers take advantage of financial planning and analysis best practices, and Workday Adaptive Planning technology and applications so they can achieve their business goals and objectives. She was an Adaptive Insights (now Workday Adaptive Planning) employee for 10 years in a variety of leadership roles, and has extensive experience in FP&A.
Timo Wienefoet
Client Director ·
Timo helps drive our Workday Adaptive Planning services with a mission to manage future performance. Core to his role is client enablement to tackle today’s challenges with decisions by the right people on actionable information. Before Kainos, Timo held several positions in consulting, corporate finance and management, and lectured economics and statistics.

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