Migrate and modernise to unleash business transformation in the cloud

Transform your existing services and unlock the true potential and agility of cloud. Quickly build momentum and drive results through our ready-made migration and modernisation frameworks.

Transform existing services and unleash the true potential of cloud

We help our customers embrace cloud safely and securely, ensuring stringent security and compliance standards are met. We don’t just lift and shift on-premise workloads, we enable customers to exit end-of-life data centre contracts, gain greater control and agility, and enjoy significant cost savings.

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Guiding you through a quick and secure migration

Our cloud migration service supports you at every milestone. We use proven methodologies and take just 12 weeks on average to move from design to go-live – providing you with a secure, performant, scalable and reliable cloud hosting platform. Our experts can help by:

  • De-risking the migration process
  • Providing access to the latest cloud technology
  • Baking in security through automation
  • Reducing time and costs of IT admin and maintenance
  • Reducing strain on in-house teams

Cloud modernisation that delivers real benefits

Our cloud modernisation service takes you beyond lift and shift to realise the true benefits of cloud. Using the latest tools and cloud native technologies, we deliver enhanced scalability, reliability, cost effectiveness, performance and security for legacy applications. Our team will help you:

  • Improve service levels for performance, reliability, security and cost efficiency
  • Deliver a cloud native service that minimises cost while harnessing the latest technological advances
  • Train up the wider team to operate the modernised application, freeing up IT to focus on high value tasks
  • Remove the overhead of patching and security costs
  • Provide a blueprint to deliver future cloud services

Create a secure landing zone or validate your existing platform

Our secure cloud landing zone service aligns your infrastructure and applications to NCSC guidelines and cloud provider best practice. We ensure your platform is ready to host production workloads, setting you on the path to success. Our secure landing zone will enable you to: 

  • Improve your cloud adoption rates through the application of proven architectural patterns  
  • Ensure your landing zone will meet security and compliance needs 
  • De-risk the deployment of your applications onto the cloud 
  • Empower operational teams through standardised processes

Cloud security guide

Learn how to balance security and compliance to reduce risk in the cloud.

Cloud security guide

Learn how to balance security and compliance to reduce risk in the cloud.

“We are delighted to have Kainos on board as a cloud partner. They have a strong track record of delivering to the highest standards and their expertise in Azure Engineering and legacy modernisation will be invaluable.”

Linda Green
Head of Platform Operations

“Kainos’ cloud expertise was a guiding reason for us to choose them. Their team brought strong technical leadership in helping us successfully migrate our entire IT estate safely and securely and within our deadline. We were particularly keen to ensure Kainos’ cloud experts worked closely with our internal teams both in design, delivery and run to enable us to operate independently in the future, through training, mentoring and workshops.”

Richard Dance
IT Director
The Pensions Regulator

“It has been a great experience to partner with Kainos on a recent cloud migration. This is an essential service for British citizens and Kainos’ agile approach ensured the project was delivered safely, securely and on time. Given the challenging circumstances of COVID-19, we were particularly impressed with Kainos’ strong focus and ability to deliver when it mattered.”

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