How can we help you benefit from the Cloud?



Do you need to migrate applications from legacy systems to the Cloud?
Are you considering moving from one Cloud provider to another?


Cloud Migration

Kainos Cloud Migration, whether legacy to Cloud or from Cloud to Cloud, deliver tailored migration services that are in line with your ambitions in terms of security, scale and on-going support. Using our expertise, experience and knowledge, we go beyond migration to transform and evolve services while also reducing both cost and risk.



Legacy to Cloud– this service will help to modernise and re-energise your services by moving away from end-of-life software and hardware to a modern Cloud service. The migration service is broader than just ‘lift and shift’: it actually optimises delivery of your service in line with Cloud design principles.
Cloud to Cloud – we have demonstrable experience of migrating mission critical services for customers that have already adopted Cloud but are now looking to either migrate individual services or entire workloads from one Cloud provider to another.




Are you struggling to get the expected benefits from Cloud Infrastructure?


Continuous Delivery Platform

The Continuous Delivery Platform has been specifically developed to accelerate Cloud adoption, enabling customers to deliver a portfolio of digital services in a cost-effective and secure manner, and underpinned by a suite of operational services facilitating day to day running of a live digital service.




Do you need a flexible, cost effective ‘support wrapper’ for your Cloud infrastructure?


Managed Cloud

Cloud providers are very open about the boundaries of their services. For example, many Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers supply excellent Cloud infrastructure on which to run virtual servers. However, once a virtual environment is deployed, configuration, security and management of the virtual infrastructure and its applications is the responsibility of the consumer. As an established service provider we help our customers meet this need through our Managed Cloud service.




Do you need help defining and realising your cloud strategy?


Cloud Consultancy

Cloud services have the potential to transform the way in which departments deliver services to their end users.  The challenge lies in choosing the right provider and using the Cloud building blocks in the right way to achieve this goal.



Our Cloud Consultancy service spans selection and procurement of a Cloud provider, design/build of a solution and business as usual operations. We have in-depth knowledge of guiding and implementing secure Cloud hosted services in line with CESG Cloud principles and Government Security classifications.
Our consultants can help:

  • Accelerate your adoption of Cloud to keep pace with business demands
  • Identify where Cloud can help improve a service for end users
  • Guide the use of Cloud to increase innovation, agility and reduce costs in your business
  • Provide thought leadership across design, build and operating services on Cloud





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